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Quotes Most of my carry guns are full size for my own peace of mind. The biggest problem was finding one that would CONCEAL when you carried and comfortable to wear. When I saw the work that Ryan does and actually tried one of his holsters with a gun in it, I WAS SOLD! When I went to see him, I was only going to have a holster made for my Beretta PX4, I decided to also do my 92FS and my Ruger SP101 with a 3.06 inch barrel. By the way folks, TRY and find a holster for a 3 inch SP101....RARE if any! This is the best value I've seen in a custom holster and without the wait time. I will be seeing Ryan for a few more holsters as now I can carry what I want, when I want to and still be comfortable and stealth about carrying a weopon. Quotes
VERY Satisfied Customer

Quotes I just want to encourage anyone who needs a fast, high quality holster for most any firearm to contact Ryan. He made me two great holsters and I am truly glad to have them. One is for a Glock 23 with a TLR-1. The catch is I am a left handed shooter and I prefer holsters for my Glock which feature a protective covering over my mag release button so the magazine does not unintentionally fall out during activity. The other holster for my Glock 26 is a hybrid of leather and kydex that also features the same protective magazine cover. Many have told me they can't do it and others marked up the costs greatly. Ryan was determined to make it happen for me though it would prove challenging and for that I am grateful. I can now carry my Glocks without the paranoia I once carried them with. Make the call and let him know what you need. He has great imagination and resourcefulness which will help him find a way to make you happy. Quotes
El Soto
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Life is hard for lefties.. It's even harder to find a lefty holster thats even close to the quality of Ryan's product. Especially if you don't carry a "flavor of the month" weapon. Ryan is my first stop anytime I get a new handgun. His attention to detail is surgical, and his standards are exacting. The holster for my XDS is perfect.. I almost forget I'm even wearing it. He was even able to make my Springfield TRP enjoyable to wear. I would recommend these holsters to anyone with complete confidence. Thanks again, Ryan for an awesome product. Quotes

Quotes Ryan made me a holster for my S&W Shield and it fits like a glove. I used a Crossbreed before and it was nice and all but I was always aware of it being there. Ryan?s holster snugs up and fits so well I can honestly say I have forgotten it was there. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Charlie Quotes
the best

Quotes Ryan was awesome! He made the holster right in front of me and made feel welcome. At first I was gonna purchase my holster online from one of the leading manufacturers but Ryan's custom holsters came out better (if not the best) than what I expected. I have purchase a few holsters (iwb and owb) already but this one was the best feel so far after wearing it for a day. Ryan explained, in detail, how to take care of the holster and answered questions about aftercare/after service. I will come back again for more and will recommend him for your custom holster needs. Quotes
Britt Paul

Quotes I bought a crossbreed holster for my XD, I loved it. I found out about the work Ryan does and had one Made for my Sig 229. I'll just say I'll never byuy another Crossbreed as long as Ryan is making these beauties!! Quotes
Very satisfied with Ryan's work!

Quotes This is great, not only does he make a great holster but he tells you how and why he does what he does. I will be seeing Ryan for a couple more holsters. Quotes

Quotes Ryan made me a CUSTOM holster for my Ruger MarkII with a tasco pro point red dot on it.Works great,and i did NOT have to wait 2-3 weeks for it to be made.He also made a in the waist band holster for my glock 40cal. Quotes

Quotes I am a very impatient person. I am 25 but the prospect of waiting over a month for an IWB holster from a well known company was too much to take. Ryan was recommended to me and I am glad he was. I got to watch him make a top quality holster for my Springfield XD9SC that is great. Even after I foolishly tinkered with the kydex it still works great. Quotes

Quotes I've always been skepticle when it comes to IWB's, but a friend told me to try one from here and WOW im sold, its the best hoslter i've ever owned,comfortable,concealable,just a great holster Quotes