Custom Holsters

Holsters customized to you.

About Us

Each holster I make is custom made to your exact specifications. I like to deal with the customer one on one, and use the exact gun so that the fit is correct. Each holster usually takes me about an hour and a half to two hour to make. Give me a call and I can make your holster while you wait or we can make other arrangements to work around your schedule.


  • "Life is hard for lefties.. It's even harder to find a lefty holster thats even close to the quality of Ryan's product. Especially if you don't carry a "flavor of the month" wea..."
  • " Ryan made me a holster for my S&W Shield and it fits like a glove. I used a Crossbreed before and it was nice and all but I was always aware of it being there. Ryan?s holster ..."
    the best
  • "Ryan was awesome! He made the holster right in front of me and made feel welcome. At first I was gonna purchase my holster online from one of the leading manufacturers but Ryan'..."
    Britt Paul